Dennis J. Annastas, LCSWR

Counseling for Addictions, Mental Health, Family Counseling & Crisis Intervention

About ACCESS Comprehensive Services

Access was founded by Dennis J. Annastas, LCSWR. Dennis has been providing treatment services for all Addictions, Mental Health and Family Issues since 1984. He brings 46 years of experience with working with addictions and mental health disorders. He is the 11th NY State Credentialed Alcohol Counselor, developed and iniated the Drinking and Driving Program in NY State in 1974. He has been an a Executive Director of regional and statewide mental health organizations. He is also a Certified Trauma Specialist assisting in 9/11, Boston Bombing, Newton Conn and other critical incidents. Access was started in 1984 with the belief that a core group of experienced clinicians could make a difference without the bureaucracy and red tape of the system.

We Provide a Full Range Of Mental Health Services By Licensed Clinicians  

Being diagnosed with a mental illness does not signify the end of a normal life. In reality, for those who receive the correct treatment, living with a mental illness is possible. There are multiple forms of mental illness and disorders, acute or chronic, which is why a treatment method needs to be tailored to the individual.

Most peoplusually believe an addiction or mental health issue 

insurmountable. Recovery works. Access is a treatment provider dedicated to aiding an individual in treating their addiction as well as any other co-occurring conditions. People who struggle with addiction also have multiple issues of loss and grieving, depression and anxiety thru treatment can go on to lead successful lives. 

Access offers treatment programs designed around the individual needs of the patient while also treating any other co-occurring illnesses. Through a dual diagnosis approach, professionally trained staff will treat any other conditions such as substance abuse and addiction, which can undermine treatment.


 Patience  Change does not happen over night

 Practice  Because we have to keep working at it

 Perseverence   The drive to see it thru without giving up

We offer a range of group, individual and family therapies. Tailored to the individual needs, not the individual meeting the programs needs.

The Buddha described us as a collection of five changing processes: The processes of the physical body, of feelings, of perceptions, of responses, and of the flow consciousness that experiences them all. Our sense of self arises whenever we grasp or identify with these patterns.Our world and sense of self is a play of  patterns. Any identity we can grasp is transient, tentative.